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Whether you’re a writer, reseller, ride-share driver or potato chip tester, side hustles come in a variety of different flavors. The perfect side gig for someone else might not be right for you but that doesn’t mean you can’t find another one that’s right up your alley. That’s where Side Gig Daily comes in.

We have resources for writers, resellers, and potato chip testers! You name your passion and Side Gig Daily will help you turn it into a side hustle.Check out our list of the best side hustle books for more money in 2022.

  • Summer 2023 Jordan Retro Sneaker Resell Predictions

    Summer 2023 Jordan Retro Sneaker Resell Predictions

    Jordan Brand recently announced its summer 2023 lineup of releases. While some pairs immediately drew attention, others have already been written off as bricks. Which pairs will likely be perfect for resellers to make a profit from and which will sit on shelves and sell for under retail? April, May and June usually aren’t known…

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  • Can you use Klarna on the SNKRS app?

    Can you use Klarna on the SNKRS app?

    No, buyers can not use Klarna on the Nike SNKRS app when purchasing shoes. The only options to pay are Apple Pay, PayPal, credit cards and gift cards. What is Klarna? Klarna is a buy now, pay later platform. Customers can make purchases without spending money until later. Should sneaker resellers use Klarna? No, sneaker…

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  • Air Jordan 3 “Reimagined” Resell Prediction

    Air Jordan 3 “Reimagined” Resell Prediction

    The Air Jordan 3 “Reimagined” are predicted to likely resell for good profit on the aftermarket due to limited availability and demand. However, since Air Jordan 3s don’t traditionally skyrocket on the resell market, they will likely resell for less than $400. Jordan 3s are not an unpopular silhouette, but they are also not a…

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“Intro of what to expect, the juice, and a cute gif of a puppy. Very visual. This is how I like it. Scannable, fast, so I decide at a finger snap where I want to direct my attention to. Merciiiii”


50 Stay-At-Home Side Hustles

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent who wants to start a side gig or a teenager scouring the internet for ideas to make money, one thing is certain; finding opportunities to get paid from home isn’t easy.

Most people have the necessary skills and work ethic to make money from home. They just need to be pointed in the right direction so they can start. That’s where this “50 Stay-At-Home Side Hustles” comes in.

The author, Marx D., earns more than $20,000 annually from his extra income endeavors alone. Some of the gigs he’s done in the past include:

  • Writing featured stories for online publications
  • Testing software
  • Consulting with marketing clients.

The best part: He never had to leave his home to get paid for his efforts!

With the knowledge you’ll learn in this book, you too can start earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars from the comfort of your couch every month.